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2013, February
Pirna and Iserlohn, Germany
Newtype for the »rikomagic« products …
Robert Schöne (schöne|schöne, Pirna, Germany) has just sent some pics of their work with the Newtype Superfamily for »rikomagic«, the builder of the »MINI-PC«. There is more to see in our Fonts-In-Use-Section ^ ^
Fonts in Use
2011, December
Gedautal, Stolberg (Aachen, Rhld.), Germany
New Typeface Family on the Farm
Remember the early american oldschool M. Fuller-Benton-Stylish gothic fonts (like Franklin Gothic, News Gothic) or the later established Trade Gothic (J. Burke) and even Matthew Carter´s Bell Centennial/Gothic?

They all come up with a proportional enlarged x-height, slightly narrow appearance, an antiqua-stylish-open letter »a« and a two-story »g«. It is obvious, that the formal architecture of all these fonts is the result of combining a reasonable legibility with an economic, space-saving setting.

In the design-process of Gedau Gothic we´ve thought about our own contemporary interpretation of those characteristics, combining them with more closed counters (in the glyphs a, c, e, s …), and spice it up with a mild newschool square sans touch.

The naming of Gedau Gothic is an acknowledgement to the valley of Gedau (german: Gedautal), the place we have been living for the last two years. I do not see it in a direct way as a source of inspiration on our fontdesign but working and living here — in direct contact to a »natural« environment — means living in a total balance between work an recreation. We love it !!!

Gedau Gothic comes up with 12 Styles including two regular (Text-)Styles: Book (lighter appearance) and Roman (darker appearance). Because of this you can define the »darkness« or the »lightness« of your text/typesettings more exactly. The complete set of styles are: Light, Book, Roman, Medium, Bold, Black and its oblique counterparts.
The fontfamily can be purchased as a single style, a four-style »small« package (including Roman, Bold, Roman Oblique, Bold Oblique) and as the Gedau Gothic Complete Package with all 12 Styles. Gedau Gothic is part of the Fontfarm Font-Collections »Legible« and »The whole Story«.
Owners of one of these two Font-Collections can order a Single User License of the Gedau Gothic Complete Package at 50% discount.
Gedau Gothic
Gedau Gothic: Pricing
2011, August
Heusenstamm, Germany
Paperazzo — Mit Leidenschaft für Papier
Since April 2011 the Paper-addicted Magazine »Paperazzo« uses our Newtype for Captions, Marks etc.

In Issue 04/2011 Paperazzo published a three paged report on the life on the Farm. Many thanks to Susanne Haase (Editor-in-chief) and to Maik Brummundt (Artdirectior);

Fonts in Use
Paperazzo Homepage ^
Maik Brummundts Homepage ^
Gallery: 7 pics
2011, August
Karlsruhe and Mainz, Germany
Typodarium 2012 — A Type Calendar
Two of our Fontfamilies — Ergilo and Newtype — take part in the daily typography dose: The Typodarium !!! (Magma Brand Design, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz)

Quotation ( »A tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen. But this calendar unveils a new font everyday. We can therefore have, a whole year long, the chance to broaden our knowledge, to discover the font's history and developement, to possess a piece of jewellery that is new everyday. On the front, the font will be prominently displayed, and on the back it will be described in details. How it originated, from what or who came the inspiration and where we can obtain the font.«

Fonts in Use
Typodarium-Project ^
2011, July
Aachen, Germany
»BOXHORN — das Magazin aus dem Fachbereich Gestaltung der FH Aachen«: The text-heavy burnt-out-and-being-on-fire-issue(#24) is completely realized (Headlines, Copy, Caption, Footer …) with the Caput Fontfamily.
Caput Pricing
Info on BOXHORN ^
Gallery: 6 pics
2011, Januar
Artikel über die Ergilo in der »Page«
2011, January
Stolberg (Aachen, Rhld.), Germany
Ergilo: Additional Smallcaps Styles
Some people missed it ;-! This is why we decided to add some Smallcaps styles including tabular and proportional oldstyle figures to our Ergilo Fontfamily. Ergilo has now 12 styles: A »Normal Package« and a »Smallcaps Package«, each containing a Book/+Italic, Roman/+Italic and Bold/+Italic style.
Owners of the former Ergilo Complete can upgrade their package for free! And: There are special (reduced) prices for owners of our packages Legible and The Whole Story.
Ergilo Pricing
2010, November
»font of the week«,
Die tschechische Typo-Plattform
wählt die Ergilo zur Schrift der Woche — Font of the Week ^
specimen ergilo
2010, October
Bangkok International
Typographic Symposium
Teilnahme an einer Ausstellung in Bangkok anlässlich des BITS —
»Bangkok International Typographic Symposium« — mit Plakaten der Schrift Caput
specimen ergilo
2010, September
Stolberg (Aachen, Rhld.), Germany
Caput with new styles …
Good news for our Caput-fans. The typeface is now available in an extended 16-style version. Now there is a complete set of four weights (Light, Regular, Bold, Heavy) in all Italic, SmallCaps and SmallCaps Italic variations. Upgrade-Packages are available for each Package (Normal, SmallCaps, Complete Package).

Please note that if you upgrade Caput you will get a complete set of new fontfiles. That can perhaps effect changes in your layouts after installing them (because of different Kerning settings in the fonts).

Owner of our »Package Legible« or »The whole story« including the Caput Typeface can upgrade Caput for free.
Caput Pricing
2010, September
Klingspor-Museum, Offenbach
»Schrift in Form II – Schriftgenuss«
Contribution (Ergilo) to the exhibition:
»Schrift in Form II – Schriftgenuss«
Klingspor-Museum, Offenbach
Klingspor Museum ^
specimen ergilo
Schriftgenuss: Catalog page: Ergilo »Ochsenhirn«
Gallery: 3 Pics.
2010, September — November
Stolberg (Aachen, Rhld.), Germany
New Typeface Family on the Farm — Ergilo
We love serif style typefaces !!! So there is a new one available on the farm in addition to Jenny and Agendatype

Ergilo is a contemporary interpretation of an »Old Style« Garalde created for usage in long text passages. For Ergilo has a proportional higher x-height and a moderate contrast in the glyph widths it is an economic alternative to »old school proportioned« typefaces.

The Ergilo family has two different regular (text-) Styles: Book (lighter appearance) and Roman (darker appearance). Because of this you can define the »darkness« or the »lightness« of your text/typesettings more exactly.

The Ergilo typeface family comes up with six styles (Book, Roman, Bold, Italic Book, Italic Roman, Italic Bold). It is fitted with tabular and proportional lining figures and a small set of useful ligatures (take a look at chapter Type Talks).

The font is also included in our Fontcollections »Package Legible« and »The whole story«. Owners of one of these two packages can order a Single User License of the Ergilo Complete Package for € 48,— (plus 19% VAT/Salestax).
Ergilo Pricing
2010, August
SLANTED #11 — Monospace, Typewriter
»The Revolution won’t be set in Garamond. »Slanted #11 – Monospace, Typewriter« comes in revised structure and layout. Projects are confronted with each other, magazine sections overlap. The changes reflect our attitude towards contemporary editorial design in analogue and digital times.

This »new order« is a homage to the visual and to design. Orientation, information and sections still have their own right and place within the magazine's structure, but the changing of perspectives, the relations and associations are definitely not an expression by the medium of information, rather of openness and examination.

It's a concept that doesn’t come under the hegemony of function, a feast of the visual.« (Quotation Slanted Press Release)

Our Contribution: Newtype Mono
2010, May
»TypoLyrics – the sound of Fonts«
Contribution to the Book-Project:
»TypoLyrics – the sound of Fonts« —
MAGMA Brand Design, Birkhäuser Verlag
Typeface: Parker Barrow Superfamily
TypoLyrics in the slanted shop ^
Gallery: 2 pics
© Illustration: Florian Rhode, Düsseldorf
2010, May
Stolberg (Aachen — Rheinland), Germany
Newtype out now
Perhaps you noticed the tiny preview of this font in the »typodarium«, Slanted, in 2009. Now this fontface has grown to a 36-stylish superfamily with monospaced, proportional, normal cutted and rounded, upright and slanted styles.
The font is also included in our Fontcollections »Legible« and »The whole story«. Owners of one of these two packages can order the complete Newtype family package at 50% discount.
Now a little german: Der Ursprung der Newtype-Sippe ist die Newtype Mono, ein moderner und »verspielt-charmanter« Typewriter-Font. Dieser wurde im Laufe der Projektarbeit durch eine proportionale Schriftfamilie — die Newtype Stereo — erweitert. Zu den Familien Mono und Stereo kamen noch Rounded- und Slanted-Varianten hinzu.
Trotz der konstruiert wirkenden Formen ist die Newtype dank ihrer humanistischen Einflüsse gut lesbar, so dass sie sich (außerhalb des Einsatzes in Romantexten) für alle Gebiete des Kommunikationsdesigns eignet.
Font Collections
Font Overview
2010, January
Stolberg — Bonn — Duisburg, Germany
New Custom Typeface: BÄKOTYPE
In 2009 we realized a completely new Typeface for the BÄKO cooperative, Germany. The BÄKOtype is made for universal usage in the new Corporate Design. So it comes out with an open and pure appearance. The formal architecture of the font is close to humanistic proportions with a slight touch of a modern square character.

We established the typefamily with eight styles: Light, Regular, Bold, Heavy and the corresponding italic styles. A small addon is a symbolfont with the most used signs and icons and the BÄKO logo with its claim variants.

This font is just made for the usage in the BÄKO group and it's unfortunately not for sale …
Customfonts: Examples
2009, August
Hochschule Mannheim,
Fakultät für Gestaltung
»en garde gazette magazine«
At the turn of the year Anna Schlecker, Mannheim realized her Master-Project with KofiPure as textfont: »en garde gazette ist ein Plädoyer für mehr Protest und Widerstand als Form politischer Auseinandersetzung. Im Magazin werden Organisationen und Menschen vorgestellt, die uns zeigen, dass Gegenentwürfe zu den vorherrschenden gesellschaftlichen Verhältnissen möglich sind.«
Fonts in Use
Homepage Anna Schlecker ^
©Pictures: Anna Schlecker
2009, September
Hochschule Mannheim,
Fakultät für Gestaltung
komma Magazine
In September 2009 Annika from the »Hochschule Mannheim« sent us some specimens of the new University magazine »komma(5)« which uses the KofiPure Superfamily as textfont.
komma on »behance« ^
©Pictures: komma desk
2009, May
Stolberg (Rhld.) / Amsterdam
IT´s THERE !!! Agendatype Rev:2.0
Sometimes our clients have a benevolent influence on our work: Niels Schrader, Amsterdam, liked to use our Agendatype for realizing the new »Jaarverslag« of the Mondriaan Stichting in Amsterdam. For all the detailed tables and specific terms he needed tabular figures and italic smallcaps which were not implemented in the fontfamily — till now!

We decided to take the chance and to make a complete review of the font. So now Agendatype has two more styles, additional tabular figures and a new typeset with alternate glyphforms to be selected via Opentype Formatset.

Our Agendatype-clients can update the fonts for free !!!
Niels Schrader @ home ^
Gallery: 4 pics
2009, January
Font Management with »Fontcase«
Just found via flickr: Laurent Baumann, a french user-interface & icon designer (specializing in the Mac OS X platform) used Agendatype for the Icondesign of the new and encouraging fontmanaging software »Fontcase«, published by »Bohemian Coding — Pieter Omvlee«.

Quotation: »Fontcase is a font management application that provides an elegant and powerful workflow to help you organise the fonts you have installed on your system. Designed to be an iTunes for your fonts, Fontcase has a powerful tagging system, which is designed to let you control your fonts like you control your music.«

Laurent Baumann’s Website ^
2008, October
Karlsruhe, Germany
In October 2008, the slanted magazine uses our Agendatype as text- and logo-font for their signs-symbols-ornaments-issue.
Quotation Slanted-Blog: »Auf 194 Seiten präsentiert die aktuelle Ausgabe wieder einmal viele Interviews, illustrierte Fontnamen, Typolyrics, Musikbesprechungen, Fotostrecken, Studentenarbeiten und noch einiges mehr.

Der Fokus des aktuellen Magazins liegt auf Zeichen, Symbolen und Ornamentschriften. Diese Thematiken werden in einer ersten Sektion in Artikeln, visuellen Essays, in Font- bzw. Fontlabelportraits sowie den Rubriken Fontnames Illustrated, Typolyrics oder Fotostrecken beleuchtet. Mit Beiträgen von Marian Bantjes (die auch das diesmalige Cover gestaltet hat), Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen, Typosition, Romibello und vielen anderen. Die zweite Sektion bietet Interviews (unter anderem mit Hubert Jocham, PetPunk, Kurt Weidemann, Raban Ruddigkeit und Jan Middendorp), ein Portrait des Museums für Druckkunst Leipzig sowie (Abschluss-)Arbeiten von Studierenden und andere Typostories. Der dritte Teil des Magazins stellt eine Verbindung zum Internetblog her. Hier finden sich vieldiskutierte Einträge, The Reader's Response oder die Vorstellungen von Schriften, Büchern und Magazinen.«

Slanted: Signs, Symbols, Ornaments ^
Gallery: 7 pics
2008, September
Klingspormuseum Offenbach
Ausstellung: »Schrift in Form«
At the exhibition »Schrift in Form« at the »Klingspormuseum Offenbach« we presented our newest Typeface named Caput.

Caput is a legible, dynamic contemporary sans serif with a viewable »square character« which gives the typeface a modern, fresh outline in display sizes.

Klingspor Museum
2008, September
Stolberg (Aachen — Rheinland), Germany
Caput Release
Caput is a legible, dynamic contemporary sans serif with a viewable »square character« which gives the typeface a modern, fresh outline in display sizes.

In the beginning Caput comes up with four Normal and four standalone SmallCaps styles and with alternate glyphs (titling-, case- and letterform alternatives) and useful Opentype features.

Caput New typeface family
2008, April
Karlsruhe, Germany
SLANTED #5, Antiquaboom
In 2007, the typophile-on-and-offline-magazine »slanted« presented our farm and two of our fonts and published an interview on our work and the relationship to our neighbours :-)
Slanted Antiquaboom ^
Gallery: 7 pics
2008, January
Offenbach, Germany
Typosition: »Case Studies«
Eine tolle Überraschung kam uns Ende des Jahres 2007 ins Haus. Die »Typosition – Botschaft für Typografie und Gestaltung« (Tanja Huckenbeck und Peter Reichard, welche in der »Szene« bekannt sein dürften), sendeten uns ihre neue Imagebroschüre zu: Gestaltet mit der Jenny, welche hier sowohl als Display- wie auch als Textschrift zum Einsatz kam.
Peter Reichard ^
2007, November
West Yorkshire, UK
Happily Married (studio mikmik)
We are very pleased about doing a little-bitty assistance (donating our font Nafi) to the wedding stationery of Michael Lewis, an ingenious illustrator and designer from Shipley. The invitation – as a part of the whole wedding theme – is terribly cute. We love it.

»The wedding had a ›vintage autumn‹ theme and for the invitations a vintage inspired autumn pattern was created in browns, pinks and white which would carry over into other printed and decorative material for the wedding day itself.« (Quotation: mikmik)

Studio mikmik ^
© 2 Pictures: mikmik
September 2007
»zeixs« Books with Parker-Barrow
»›zeixs‹ is an inseminatting confusion of differently media. Typography, Illustration, Graphic Design, Logotype just as much as Industrial Design and Photography constitute zeixs. Four Books with 700 pages each and beetween 550 and 650 images emerged from this project.« (Quotation zeixs)

The books look more than boxes than books, are somehow tiny but solid and are made for browsing and getting inspiration. Fontfarm backs the »zeixs« project with our fontface Parker-Barrow, which is used here in text and captions.

2007, August
Tokyo, Japan
AQ Works
Chris Palmieri ( published a short interview with Fontfarm on the Jenny fontfamily:

»For many Japanese designers, the cultural and historical nuances of Western typefaces can seem obscure, making choosing a typeface a daunting task. As a result, many Japanese designers stick with familiar favorites like Helvetica or Garamond, or grasp at decorative fonts that lose their flavor after a few bites. This series was originally conceived for Japanese designers, to introduce well-crafted Western fonts and the contemporary designers behind them. In the end though, we enjoyed these interviews so much ourselves, we decided to publish them in the English too.« (Quotation)

In this (Facetime-) series, some other interesting Type Designers like Eric Olson (Klavika), Jeremy Tankard (Bliss), Jarno Lukkarila (Xtra Sans), Chester Jenkins (Galaxie Polaris), Nikola Djurek (Amalia) are introduced. So perhaps you might have a look …
Interview on the AQ-Website ^
2007, June/July
Basel, Switzerland
In 2007 we realized a custom font used by the new ÖKK insurance group »Sympany« (founded in November 2007, online since January 2008). The new brand combines several positive assotiations like sympathy, symphony, synergie, company.

The font was created to work in harmony with the logotype (it´s only used close by the logo for sub-brands, additions and claims) and comes up with some goodies like two different alphabets for display- and text-sizes and the complete integration of various logo styles etc..

Customfonts Examples
Sympany Website ^
Gallery: 4 pics
2007, März
Warsaw, Poland
Puls Biznesu
At the end of the year 2006 we customized (Farm) Parker-Barrow for the usage in a polish business newspaper.

Beneath special glyphs you need in polish language we made smooth modifications on the diacritic marks.

Jacek Utko, a multiple decorated newspaper designer from Poland and design director of Bonnier Business Press – who made the newest re-design on PB (Puls Biznesu) – sent us some issues of the new styled paper.

Puls Biznesu Homepage ^
Gallery: 4 pics
March 2007
Aachen, Germany
KofiPure with 15 Styles
The work on Kofi has proceeded and now there are 15 Styles available. The last months we worked on three new (Heavy-) styles and minor modifications on some glyphs.

All our (Kofi-) clients, who like to get an update of Kofi will recieve an actual Version of the Font for free. You yust have to write a mail to

2007, Februar
We wrote some notes on type design in the new »BOXHORN – Das Magazin aus dem Fachbereich Design der Fachhochschule Aachen«. This is a short – three paged – article on how to start designing type by reviewing our work on (Farm) Jenny.

Although it seems to be impossible to describe the type design process in a short feature like this, we gave some clues on the most important questions you have to answer yourself before you start working on type.

Gallery: 5 pics
2006, November
In Berlin gibt es seit diesem Monat ein Magazin (Anm. 2015: In dieser Form eingestellt), welches komplett mit der KofiPure gesetzt ist.

Es heißt »STADTKIND – Das Berlin-Magazin«, illustriert Geschichten und Nachrichten aus der großen Stadt und informiert über aktuelle Events, Partys etc..

Seit einigen Monaten sind wir auf der Farm damit beschäftigt, die KofiPure zu überarbeiten und auszubauen (es gibt dann für jedes Sippenmitglied einen zusätzlichen – fetteren – Schnitt). Sobald die Arbeiten abgeschlossen sind, werden wir allen Kofi-Kunden die ausgebaute Version der KofiPure (als kostenloses Upgrade) zukommen lassen …
Gallery: 5 pics
2006, October
Spatium »Hamburgefonts«
Hurra! Als wir das neue »Spatium« zugeschickt bekamen haben wir schon sehr über die inhaltliche Aufbereitung, Design und technische Realisation gestaunt.

Aber so richtig gefreut haben wir uns (natürlich;) darüber, dass zwei Schriften von uns dabei sind: Jenny und KofiRed. Das neue Spatium ist ein zweibändiges Magazin zum Thema Schriftmuster, Blindtext etc.. Eine ausführliche und sehr anschauliche Rezension hat Jürgen Siebert in seinem Fontblog veröffentlicht.

Spatuim Magazin ^
Rezension von Jürgen Siebert (Fontblog) ^
Gallery: 4 pics
2006: Oktober
Die Page stellt Parker-Barrow vor
Ein kleiner Artikel in der »PAGE« – Rubrik Typo – stellt unsere Parker-Barrow vor und macht somit ein wenig Werbung für uns. Wir bedanken uns herzlich !!!
PAGE Online ^
2006, Mai
Japan, Tokyo
Fontfarm goes Japan —
»Web Designing Magazine«
The Japanese Magazine »Web Designing« published a feature about contemporary german design development (Web-, Product-, Graphic- and Font-Design):

»Guten Tag! German Design – From web design to product design« 2006 is the year of Germany in Japan and many events related to Germany were held in all over the country. Moreover, we have FIFA WorldCup in Germany this June. The whole country has that Germany feel to it. Why not us? Well... Guten Tag! German Design. (Quotaion)

Chris Palmieri (AQworks) – a nice guy from Tokyo – interviewed us via mail and wrote a one-sided article abut the farm for this German-Design-Feature. Thank you Chris!
»Web Designing« Homepage ^
»AQworks«, Chris Palmierei & Eiko Nagase ^
2006, April
Frische Ernte:
Release der Parker-Barrow
Im Frühling zur Ernte zu schreiten ist eigentlich nicht im Sinne des Erfinders … wenn man die Früchte allerdings im »Labor« heranzieht, ist weder die Jahreszeit noch das kalte Wetter hinderlich.
Gallery: 3 pics
2006, February
Nakotica is »Font of the week«
Die Tschechische Typo-Plattform »«
kürt die Nakotica zum »Font of the Week«
2006, January, 19th
Fachhochschule Dortmund
33pt | Beiträge zur Typografie
Natascha ist auch dabei, hält einen Vortrag über ihre Diplomarbeit »fontzine« und übergibt die Fontfarm der Öffentlichkeit
(Do., 19.01., 10:00).
33pt-Website ^
2006, January, 16th
Launch der »«