Custom Fonts: Projekte, Beispiele
BÄKO Corporate Typeface
In 2009 we realized a completely new Typeface for the BÄKO cooperative, Germany. The BÄKOtype is made for universal usage in the new Corporate Design. So it comes out with an open and pure appearance. The formal architecture of the font is close to humanistic proportions with a slight touch of a modern square character.
We established the typefamily with eight styles: Light, Regular, Bold, Heavy and the corresponding italic styles. A small addon is a symbolfont with the most used signs and icons and the BÄKO logo with its claim variants.
This font is just made for the usage in the BÄKO group and it's unfortunately not for sale …
In 2007 we realized a custom font used by the new ÖKK insurance group »Sympany« (Basel, Switzerland – founded in November 2007).

The font was created to work in harmony with the logotype (it´s only used close by the logo for sub-brands, additions and claims) and comes up with some goodies like two different alphabets for display- and text-sizes and the complete integration of various logo styles etc..

Puls Biznesu
At the end of the year 2006 we customized Parker-Barrow ^ for the usage in a polish business newspaper.

Beneath special glyphs you need in polish language we made smooth modifications on the diacritic marks.

Allflex Flexible Packaging
Für Allflex kamen direkt zwei Schriften von uns zum Einsatz: Parker-Barrow ^ und KofiPure ^.

Die KofiPure wurde leicht modifiziert, speziell zur Darstellung im Claim. Hier kam – statt des zweistöckigen g – ein einstöckiges Minuskel-g zum Einsatz.